Eureka Mine

Eureka Mine

Eureka Mine ....  also referred to as the Ramsay Mine 

President – James Corrigan
Secretary – Franklin T Ives
The Eureka company merged with land owned by Mr. Dangler.
Owner -  Castile Mining Co

The Eureka mine was located in Ramsay.It was in operation from 1890 to 1950.  Records indicate that it combined with Asteroid Mine in 1926

On June 17, 1890 the first 10 car loads of Iron ore from this mine went to the docks of Ashland with regular shipments of 200 to 300 tons shipped every day during the summer and fall of 1890.  The mine at that time employed about 50 men.

From 1890-1896 the Eureka mine shipped 128,717 tons of iron ore.

The Castile Mining Company leased the Asteroid location and in 1926 the Castile mining company operated both mines as the EUREKA-ASTEROID .  The Eureka shaft was on the Asteroid property near the old concrete bridge north of Ramsay.  The Eureka shaft reached a depth of 3,591 feet and was demolished in January 1958.  It was used as a hoisting shaft by the Anvil-Palms after the Eureka-Asteroid shut down.

The Eureka shipped million tons from 1890-1925, Ore shipments were combind with the Asteroid from 1926 to 1950 totaling 10,168,888 tons for that time period.

The number 3 Shaft was located at the west end of the property and served as the main hoisting shaft until 1923 when it was discovered the shaft was located on faulted ground. There was a major untouched ore body that could be mined by caving the old shaft.  Shaft Four opened further east and became the main hosting shaft for the mine (replacing shaft 3). .

Eureka Mine, also known as the Eureka-Asteroid Minewas owned by the Youngstown Mines Corporation.

At one time these mines employed at total of 572 men.