Anvil Mine

Anvil Mine

Anvil Mine
Anvil Company
President – J C Reynolds
Vice President – Milo J Luther
Secretary & Treasurer – John E Burton
Headquarters – Milwaukee, WI
Mine office – Bessemer, MI operated by Newport Mining Company and became a part of Steel and Tube in 1917.

The Anvil Mine is located near Bessemer in Gogebic County, Michigan in the Gogebic Range. It began operations in 1886 when John Burton secured a mining lease from John Longyear and Frederick Ayer. The Anvil mine was combined with the Palms mine in 1923 with the Keweenaw lease (North Anvil and Massie leases) and eventually worked to a depth of some 2,000 feet. After 1950 it utilized the old Eureka-Asteroid shaft #4 in Ramsay (almost 3,600 feet deep) until the mine closed on Jan 31, 1957.

In 1886, there were 3 working shafts.  Streets were laid out in the location and 20 cottages were built in early 1887.  At that time the mine was contracted for delivering 30,000 tons of iron ore.

In 1890 the mine had 4 shafts with 50 to 75 men employed. It closed in 1893 due to the depression but kept the pumps running.  By 1920, the number of men employed was 710.

The Mine was operated by Youngstown Mines Corporation for Pickands, Mather and Company from 1931 to its closure in 1957.